Whole Leaf Teas: My Dad, Gary, has worked really hard at making sure we have the freshest loose-leaf teas to serve. He has created our own Irish Breakfast and Crumpet Shop Blend which are both great with or without milk or cream. We have an variety of Chinese Green Teas, from a grassy but smooth 2015 High Mountain to a floral Pearl Jasmine our green teas are a great way to relax and rejuvenate. A great option to take a tea to go is our "Fast Tea Service," which has Irish Breakfast, Crumpet Shop Blend, Earl Grey. Yerba Mate, Rooibos, and Herbal Blend. UNLIMITED REFILLS on these six teas, ALL DAY! This is our kick back to the community during these cold, windy, and dark days. Come back all day for tea, we love seeing you again and again.

Espresso/Coffee: We proudly serve Cafe Appasionato's organic, local fair-trade espresso and coffee. Everyone associates a Crumpet Shop with tea which is understandable but we serve great coffee and espresso. Every drip coffee or espresso drink comes with a FREE REFILL OF DRIP COFFEE! Yes, that just happened.

Chai: Our Chai is cooked in house and is considered a sweet chai, It's sweetened with honey and is served with steamed milk. Technically, it is a "Chai Latte". If you walk into our shop and are blown away from the amazing smell of spices it's probably the chai cooking.

Other beverages included: *Fresh Squeezed Organic Orange Juice (squeezed in front of your very eyes with our very big muscles. Order one and see for yourself) *Hot Chocolate * Hot Apple Cider (Columbia Gorge Organics & pepped up with house spices to bring you a warm cup of holiday love)