Founded 48 Years Ago

by Gary Lasater, his initial name for the shop was The United Metropolitan Improved Crumpet Baking & Punctual Delivery Company. Customers nodded, smiled and called us The Crumpet Shop. Over the years, the recipes have been perfected and the store has passed to new generations. The location, store, and menu remain largely unchanged.

What is a Crumpet?

Made with simple ingredients: flour, water and yeast, a Crumpet is an English griddle cake. They are cooked in round rings on the griddle and are distinguished from other similar baked goods by their holes and spongy texture.

Fine, Loose Leaf Teas

We brew loose, whole leaf teas that you can sample in the shop and take home. We directly source our teas from regions of the world that have been producing tea for centuries: India, China, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan. Our tea is fresh and we offer unlimited free refills so that you may try any type!

Online Store

  • English Cheese, Pesto, Tomato

  • Fresh Preserves with Ricotta or Cream Cheese

  • Egg, Jalapeño & English Cheese

  • Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese & Fresh Cucumbers

  • "The Vermont" - Maple Butter, Cream Cheese & Walnuts

  • Nutella

  • Come Visit Us

    For the full Crumpet Shop experience, come visit us at Pike Place Market. We'd love to serve you a delicious item from our menu and welcome you into our shop!

  • Order Select Items Online

    While we don't ship crumpets, you can order one of our fine loose leaf teas, specialty preserves, or maple butter online to enjoy in your home.

  • Catering

    Have a party or work event to cater? We'd love to chat. Fill out our contact form and let us know a bit about your event. We'll be in touch soon.