Family owned & Operated since 1976


The Crumpet Shop is Seattle's first and original crumpet baking company. Founded in 1976 by Gary Lasater, he called it The United Metropolitan Improved Crumpet Baking & Punctual Delivery Company. Customers just nodded and smiled and called us The Crumpet Shop. Gary and Nancy perfected their recipes and traditions, passing them on to the next generation. You can find their son Rob baking fresh crumpets and scones everyday. 


What's a Crumpet?

A Crumpet is an English Griddle Cake. It is made with simple ingredients, just flour, water and yeast. They are mixed into a batter and then poured into round rings on the griddle to cook. They are distinguished from other similar baked goods by their holes and spongy texture.  After they come off the griddle, we individually toast them with your choice of sweet or savory toppings to chose from.


Fine, whole leaf teas

We brew loose, whole leaf teas that you can try in the shop and take home. We directly source our teas from regions of the world that have been producing tea for centuries: India, China, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan. Our tea is very fresh and we only brew whole leaves, never dust! We offer unlimited free refills in which you may try any type.

Buttermilk Scones


The owner Nancy Mcfaul came up with this scone recipe back when the shop first opened. It is a moist and fluffy buttermilk scone that is delicious with raspberry or strawberry preserves. Served by the slice or take a tea round home to share.