Our Story Began

in 1976 when Gary Lasater founded what was initially named The United Metropolitan Improved Crumpet Baking & Punctual Delivery Company. Customers simply nodded and smiled, calling us The Crumpet Shop. Gary, his wife Nancy, and their two children Robin and Allison perfected the recipes and created a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy a cup of tea and a crumpet—delighting patrons for decades.

Fast Forward to Today

The Crumpet Shop is proudly entrusted to the hands of the Golding family. Cooper, Amy, and their son Gus have taken the helm, carrying forward the legacy of flavor, warmth, and tradition. It's a true family affair. You can find them alongside the incredible Crumpet Shop Team, crafting fresh crumpets and continuing the warmth and hospitality of The Crumpet Shop.

We're excited to see you soon!